San Diego Food Bank Donation Saturday April 25

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Hi Friends,

·        Due to popular demand, I have switched over from Bingo to just fund raising for our San Diego Food Bank in this great time of need!

·        I will be playing music on my driveway Saturday April 25 from 10—11 am! 

o   You can drop off your donations* either check or cash during this time! Put your donations in the mailbox tube before or after Saturday. (let me know it’s there and I will pick it up asap!)

·        I will personally match all Dusk Lane cash/check donations up to $100! Each dollar serves $5 meals!

o   If Dusk lane donates $100 and I match $100 that equals 1000 meals! WOW!

·        If you already sent in your donation, let me know so I can add it to my matching funds donation 😊

Let us stay safe and get some sunshine outside on your driveway (at least 6 ft from your neighbor). As you know wear your face mask!

o    *Each donation is a chance to win $ 5 Starbucks Gift Card or Bottle of Wine!

#Keeping it real! #Keeping it safe #Havingfun #Donations forourSanDiegoFoodBank #neigborsconnect


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Grand prize is a fine bottle of wine!

#Keeping it real! #Keeping it safe #Havingfun #SanDiegoFoodBank #neigborsconnect
Warmest regards,